Dr. Kewal Raj (Professor)
Ph.D., M.Phil, M.A.Professor (Economics)

Profile Summary 
Dr. Kewal Raj is a Professor in Economics. He obtained his doctorate degree in the area of Industrial Economics from Kurukshetra University Kurukshetra in 1987. He did his M.Phil. and M.A. from Economics Department of Punjab University Chandigarh.He has total teaching experience of 41 years. Before joining Asia Pacific, he was associated with ICFAI Business School Chandigarh and ICFAI University, Himachal Pradesh, Baddi for the span of 7 years. He has worked as a Professor in University School of Business in Chandigarh University, Gharuan, Mohali for one year. He was Coordinator of Student Research Cell (SRL). Earlier to this, he taught in a prestigious Post Graduate Govt.College, Chandigarh for 33 years. He was HOD Economics and member of Research Committee of the College. He has been a member of Faculty of Arts, Punjab University for two years. He has worked on the UNESCO project titled ‘Associated School Project Network’ (ASPnet). He is a Life Member of Indian Economic Association. Dr. Kewal Raj has conducted surveys on the social and economic problems like ‘Consumer awareness’, ‘Migratory labour’ and ‘Higher Education Attainment and Involvement’. He has 30 publications in Journals, News Papers and Edited Books.
He has total teaching experience of 41 years.
Research & Publication 
1. “Globalization, Growth and Prescription for Indian Economy” (2009), Asian Economic Review, Vol.51, No.1, April, Journal of Indian Institute of Economics, Hyderabad. ISSN No:0004-45552. “Corporate Education for Poverty reduction in Rural India” (2008), ICFAI Journal of Higher Education, August. ISSN No:0973-37443. “Managing Education for Economic Growth in India”(2007), Gyan Management, Jan- June GJIMT, ISSN No:0974-76214. “Sugar Industry in India: Growth and Capacity”(2006), ICFAI Journal of Industrial Economics,** ISSN No: 0972-9208

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7. “Determinants of Capacity utilization in the Coop. Sugar Industry in Punjab & Haryana”(1990), Indian Cooperative Review, Vol. XXXVII, No. 4, April, Delhi, Journal of National Cooperative Union of India. ISSN No:019-4581

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Edited Books 

12 “Governance, Ethics and Growth in India” (2013) Good Governance and Inclusive Growth,Ed. Volume published on behalf of Indian Economic Association published by Regal Publications, Delhi. ISBN 978-81-8484-251-7

13 “Challenges to the Sustainable development”* (2010),Challenges to the Sustainable Development, Ed. Volume published on behalf of Indian Economic Association by Deep and Deep Publications, New Delhi ISBN 81-7100-513-6

14 “Growth and Greenery Should Go Together” (2010), Inclusive Growth and Sustainable Development, Ed. Volume published by Deep and Deep publications, (New Delhi). ISBN 81-7100-513-6

15 “Sugar Industry: Growth and Employment in Punjab and Haryana” (1993), Ed. Volume published by Employment through Rural Development, Deep and Deep Publications (New Delhi). ISBN 81-7100-513-6

Papers and Proceedings

16 “GATS, Challenges in Higher Education in India”, National Seminar on Impact of WTO on the various sector of Indian Economy organized by S. A. Jain College Ambala on March 10, 2007. 

17 “New Economic Policy and Crisis in Agriculture”, National Seminar on ‘New Economic Policy, Socio-economic Implications: Assessment’ Sponsored by ICSSR, North West Region held on 3rd Dec., 2004 at Govt. College Sector-11, Chandigarh

18 “Effects of Tractorization and Irrigation on agricultural productivity in Haryana”10th Annual Conference of Haryana Economic Association held M LN College Yamuna Nagar in1990-91 ion.

19 “Growth and Employment in the Industrial Sector of Haryana” 11th Annual Conference of Haryana Economic Association held in Arya College Panipat held in 1991-92.

20 “Effect of Education on Per-capita Income in Punjab and Haryana”, National Seminar on Relationship between different facets of Economic Development & Population Structure under the auspices of Indian Council of Social Sciences Research held at Yamuna Nagar on March 15th & 16th 1989. 

News Papers 

21 “Corruption Cripples Inclusive Growth”,(OPED Page) The Tribune , March10,2011

22 “No Child is Left Behind”, The Financial Express, Jan. 25, 2008.

23 “The Glamour of Globalization”, (Column), The Financial Express, Nov. 19, 2007.

24 “Punjab Manufacturing Slow Down”, The Financial Express, Aug. 28, 2007.

25 “Dilly Dally No Further: Agricultural Stagnancy Needs crisis Level Attention”, (Column) The Financial Express, Jul. 20, 2007.

26 “Parallel Economy in India”, (Column), The Financial Express May 2, 2007.

27 “Haryana Takes Pole Position” (Column), The Financial Express, April 14, 2007.

28 “Moping & Hoping” The Tribune, Nov. 2, 1989.

29 “Capacity Expansion & Utilization: Haryana Sugar Coop.” The Economic Times, April 14, 1989.

30 “Too Much Dead Wood in Sugar”, The Tribune, Oct. 27, 1988.

31 “Smaller is Sweeter”, The Tribune, June 9, 1988

Achievement & Awards 
1 Haryana State Merit Scholarship two times during college and university education.2 UGC fellowship for M.Phil3 Rashtriya Gaurav Awardand Certificate of Excellence (2010) by India International Friendship Society .Participation in TV Debates

1. Prime debate on Rupee Depreciation organized by Day & Night TV Channel (2012)

2. Prime debate on Grammar of Anarchy organized by Day & Night TV Channel( 2011)

Area of Interest 
1 Industry and Agriculture2 Growth and Poverty3 Ethics and governance4 Education