2 Day MDP on Finance for Non Finance Managers for the PVR Cinemas

Prof R. K Srivastava, Professor (Finance) has developed a two day program for the managers of PVR Cinemas. The program scheduled for 22-23, October 2012 is being currently attended by non finance managers from several offices of PVR cinemas. The training focuses on:



A) How to prepare balance sheet.
B) Concepts like credit & debit, cash flow, matching concepts and Accounting Equation.
C) Concepts of Profit/Loss, Gross & Net Working Capital, Cash Management Models.
D)    Concepts, Principles & Administration of Accounting, Financial accounting terminology.
The program has been customized for cinema managers with specially designed case studies for PVR.

There were 19 participants and the program was rated as 4.5 on a scale of 5.