Aligning team with organizational excellence-  At Atrium, Surajkund (10 Dec 12 – 12 Dec 12)-For NHPC


MDP Programme on “Aligning Team With Organizational Goals” from 10th to 12th December,2012 for NHPC Limited

A 3-Days MDP ( 2nd programme and repeat order from NHPC Limited ) on “ Aligning Team with Organizational Goals “ was organized from 10th to 12th December 2012 for NHPC Limited at Atrium Hotel,Surajkund. The programme was attended by 25 Functional Managers from Engineering, Projects, HR, Operations Departments.

The 1st session on Day 1 was taken by Prof. B.D.Singh who gave insights on the Need for Team Building and Team Working. Using a pedagogy of lectures and live cases from PSU’s, Prof.B.D.Singh made the participants realize the essence of working in teams and how team development goes a long way in achieving higher organizational success. Prof.B.D.Singh also emphasized the importance of Interpersonal Skills and Understanding Self and Others.

The post-lunch session was taken by Dr. Reema Chaudhary who used a pedagogy of Live Case Discussions and Group Discussions to impress upon the need of Communication Skills and Team Communication Competencies.

Both the sessions on Day 2 were conducted by Dr.S.P.Chauhan. Through Simulation Games and Exercises, Dr. Chauhan spoke about the essence of Aligning Teams Towards Organizational Goals.

Prof. B.D.Singh conducted the 1st session on Day 3 and he emphasized on the need of Motivation amongst teams, as an aid for organizations to reach the next level. The concluding session on Day 3 was conducted by Dr. Nidhi Maheshwari who used management and simulation games to make the participants understand the facets of Team Goal Setting.

The programme was extremely successful and the overall feedback of the programme was 9.65 on a scale of 10.The course content, in particular as well as the delivery by the faculty was highly appreciated. The classes were conducted by our faculties Prof. B.D.Singh, Dr.S.P.Chauhan, Dr.Reema Chaudhary and Dr.Nidhi Maheshwari.

The programme was directed by Prof.B.D.Singh.