Behavioural Science And Human Resources

  Program Title Duration (Days)   Category
  Building and Leading Teams  3  Open / In Company
  Managing Change and Conflict at the Work Place  3  Open / In Company
  Managerial Effectiveness and Human Values – Indian Insight  3  Open / In Company
  Organisational Leadership for the 21st Century  3  Open / In Company
  Interpersonal Effectiveness and Team Building  3  Open / In Company
  Managing Employee Performance Management
  System for Corporate Excellence
 3  Open / In Company
  Personal Growth and Self Exploration  3  Open / In Company
  Organisational Excellence  3  Open / In Company
  Understanding Self for Managerial Excellence  2  Open / In Company
  Personal Growth through Emotional Intelligence  3  Open / In Company
  HRD for Line Managers  3  Open / In Company
  Enhancing Recruitment Capabilities  2  Open / In Company
  Change Management for People Leaders  2  Open / In Company
  Negotiation Skills  3  Open / In Company
  Creating HR Value in Mergers and Acquisitions  2  Open / In Company
  Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making  2  Open / In Company
  Building Responsive Trade Union Leadership for
  Enhancing Global Competitive Advantages
 3  Open / In Company
  Management of Emerging IR Issues: Focus on Contract Labour  2  Open / In Company
  Essentials of TQM : Empowering Employees towards
  Business Excellence
 2  Open / In Company
  Current Trends and Innovations in Research Methodology  2  Open / In Company
  Corporate Social Responsibility  2  Open / In Company
  Sensitivity in Decision Making  2  Open / In Company
  Managerial Ethics and Code  2  Open / In Company
  Managerial Effectiveness  2  Open / In Company