EDP Programme on “MENTORING MATTERS  ” on 7th December, 2012 for ITDC

A 1-Day EDP on “ MENTORING MATTERS “ was organized on 7TH December 2012 for ITDC Limited  at  JANPATH Hotel, New Delhi. The programme was attended by 12 Functional Managers of ITDC Limited.

The 1st session was conducted by Dr. Nidhi Maheshwari who gave insights and overview on Mentoring and the Role of Mentors and Mentees. Using a unique training methodology of Interactive Videos and Management Games, she impressed upon the imperative need of Mentors and Mentees joining hands to achieve Organizational Goals.

The 2nd session was conducted by Prof. Devendra Bahadur who spoke about Interpersonal Mentoring Skills. Making groups of Mentors and Mentees, Prof. Bahadur used unique Management Games ( Tower-Building Exercise through Wooden Building Blocks ) to explain how interpersonal mentoring works and how an ideal mentor / mentee co-ordinate amongst themselves.

The 1st post-lunch session was taken by Dr. Nidhi Maheshwari, who used Management Puzzles to drive home the concepts and importance of Planning and Managing Mentoring at the Workplace.

The last session was conducted Prof. Devendra Bahadur. Through Live Cases and Exercises, Prof. Bahadur spoke about the essence of Effective and Successful Mentoring.

The programme was extremely successful and the overall feedback of the programme was 9.00 on a scale of 10.The course content, in particular as well as the delivery and the training methodology adopted by the faculty was highly appreciated

The programme was jointly directed by Dr. Nidhi Maheshwari and Prof. Devendra Bahadur.