Executive Development Program At NTPC, Noida- (3 Dec 12 – 27 Dec 12)-For NTPC


A 16-Days Executive Development Programme for NTPC Limited commenced on 3rd December 2012 and is being attended by 32 Employees from different functions and different plants of the Maharatna company from across the country. The programme is being conducted at NTPC PMI, Noida.

Week 1 of the programme comprised of 10 tightly integrated modules / sessions.

The 1st session on Day 1 was taken by Prof. B.D.Singh who gave insights and overview on TRANSITION to MANAGERS. He emphasized on the current needs of modern-day managers and the challenges they are expected to overcome, while also highlighting the competencies and skill sets today’s managers are supposed to have.

The 2nd session on Day 1 was conducted by Prof. Devendra Bahadur who spoke about Decision-Making and Risk Traking Competencies required to evolve into a Gen-Next Manager.

Day 2 commenced with Prof. B.D.Singh highlighting the concept of Conflict Management and how to deal with the same,

The 2nd session on Day 2 was conducted by Prof. Devendra Bahadur. Through Live Cases and Exercises, Prof. Bahadur spoke about the essence of Time and Stress Management.

Day 3 commenced with Prof. Devendra Bahadur highlighting the concept of Project Management and used experiential learning to make the participants relate to the common mistakes made by them while executing projects and what they should improve while working / leading large project teams at their respective plants.

The 2nd session on Day 3 was conducted by Dr.Reema Chaudhary. Through Management Puzzles and Videos, Dr.Chaudhary imbibed amongst the participants, the essence of Communication Skills and Communication Competencies in daily work lives.

Prof. Ratnesh Kumar, in the 1st session on Day 4, through a unique experience-sharing and best practices sharing pedagogy, underlined the importance of Employee Engagement, While Dr.Nidhi Maheshwari made the participants practice Presentation Skills as a vital and essential part of their daily work routines in the 2nd session on Day 4.

Day 5 commenced with Prof. B.D.Singh sharing his experiences regarding Motivating Employees at Workplace, and ended with Prof. Ratnesh Kumar sharing his views on Team Work Leading Competency.