Maximizing Employee Potential- IFFCO, Gurgaon- (5 Dec 12 – 11 Dec 12)-FOR IFFCO

MDP Programme on “Maximising Employee Potential” from 5 Dec 2012 to 11Dec 2012 for IFFCO

A Four-Day MDP on “Maximizing Employee Potential “ was organized from 5 Dec 2012 to 11 Dec 2012 for the employees of IFFCO at “Fertilizer Marketing Development Institute, Gurgaon. The programme was attended by 30 participants from various IFFCO establishments located all across the country.

The 1st  & 2nd  sessions was taken by Prof. B.D.Singh who gave insights on the Meaning, Purpose and Dimensions of Developing Interpersonal Skills and the Art of Motivation. Using a pedagogy of Lectures and Case Discussions, Dr.Latika Sahani effectively highlighted the meaning of Effective Communication & Listening Skills and it’s benefits, in the 3rd & 4th session.

On the 10th December 2012 Prof. Devendra Bahadur spoke to the participants about Enhancing Productivity Through Kaizan, Poka Yoka, Quality Circle etc.. in the 2nd session of the day Dr.Nidhi Maheshwari enlightened the participants about Understanding Self and Others, this session was followed by two consecutive sessions conducted jointly by Prof. Devendra Bahadur  and Dr.Nidhi Maheshwari wherein they engaged the participants in Team Building activities and games, to highlight the importance of Working in Teams.

On the final day of the program on  11th December 2012, Prof. Devendra Bahadur enlightened the participants on Time Management through Planning & Prioritizing followed by a session on Managing Health & Stress; the sessions were well received by the participants. Post lunch Dr.Nidhi Maheshwari spoke to the audience about Discipline for Self Excellence, she also spoke about Creativity and Innovation at Work.

The programme was extremely successful and the overall feedback of the programme was 8.62 on a scale of 10.The course content, in particular as well as the delivery by the faculty was highly appreciated.

The classes were conducted by our faculties Prof. B.D.Singh , Dr.Latika Sahani, Dr.Nidhi Maheshwari and Prof. Devendra Bahadur

The programme was directed by Prof.B.D.Singh