A 1-Day MDP on “ Stress Management“ was organized on 18th January 2013 for NSC Limited  at  New Delhi. The programme was attended by 22 Functional Managers of NSC Limited.

The 1st session was conducted by Dr. S.P.Chauhan who gave insights and overview on the Awareness of Stress in Professional and Personal Lives of every individual.

The 2nd session was also conducted by Dr.S.P.Chauhan who spoke about Developing Positive Orientation for Coping With Stress. While commenting that an optimum level of positive stress is essential so that individuals remain competitive and work-oriented, he stressed on a balance amongst RESULTS and RELATIONSHIPS to avoid negative stress.

The 1st post-lunch session was taken by Dr. Nidhi Maheshwari, who used Management Puzzles to drive home the concepts and importance of Managing Stress for Higher Performance.

Using a Unique Pedagogy of Management Videos and Simulation Games,in the last session, Dr. Nidhi Maheshwari spoke about the essence of Stress Management for Work-Life Balance.

The programme was extremely successful and the overall feedback of the programme was 9.14 on a scale of 10.The course content, in particular as well as the delivery and the training methodology adopted by the faculty was highly appreciated.


The session-wise feedback for the programme is as follows :-

Day 1, Session 1 : Dr.S.P.Chauhan                : 9.38 / 10

Day 1, Session 2 : Dr.S.P.Chauhan                : 9.76 / 10

Day 1, Session 3 : Dr.Nidhi Maheshwari     : 8.50 / 10

Day 1, Session 4 : Dr. Nidhi Maheshwari    : 9.00 / 10


The programme was directed by Dr. S.P.Chauhan.