OBT Training -EDP at JAYALGARH-(19 Dec-12-21 Dec-12)-FOR NTPC


OBT Training on “LEADERSHIP, TEAM-BUILDING AND MOTIVATION” from 19th to 21st December 2012 at JAYALGARH for NTPC

A 3-Days Outbound Training on “ Leadership, Team-Building and Motivation“ was organized from 19th to 21st December 2012 at JAYALGARH, a tourist destination and hill station located 110 kms from Haridwar. The programme was attended by 33 Functional Managers of NTPC, from across the country

Day 1 ( 19th December ) was spent in Management Games and Leadership and Team-Building Exercises all day. The esteemed faculty, Mr. Bala utilized 6-7 Management Games to underline the relevance of Leadership, Working in Teams, Interpersonal Communication, Importance of Cross-Functional Knowledge, How to Handle Projects, Decision-Making and Problem-Solving etc. and were appreciated by all

Day 2 ( 20th December ) was spent in White Water Rafting on the banks of the Alaknanda River, Nature Trek and Management Games. Even through Adventure Sports, the participants were made to understand the concept of Leadership, and the varied Leadership Styles and Trends essential in today’s competitive environs.

Day 3 ( 21st December ) was spent in Rapelling which utilized Motivation as a key fundamental in achieving difficult tasks with consummate ease.

The programme was extremely successful and the overall feedback of the programme was 9.56 on a scale of 10.The Management Games, in particular as well as the Leadership and Team-Building Exercises by the faculty was highly appreciated.