One day seminar on Non – Financial Reporting – Emerging Trend & Role of Governments

The seminar was held in close association with Insight Associates of Ankleshwar, Gujarat.The theme of the seminar was motivated by the main idea of expectations of the stakeholders which have changed from “Tell me” to “Show me” to Prove me”. The business that are following sustainability as a new trajectory to growth are finding it inevitable to incorporate and involve a wide range of stakeholders and communicate the social and environmental impacts of their business with this set of stakeholders. The ever increasing numbers of companies are adapting the practices of Non-financial Reporting to communicate their sustainability inputs is becoming a mainstream business practice across the world. The seminar was well perceived and well attended by PSU’s & the corporates.  Participants were from ONGC, NHPC, PFC & GAIL India.  The corporate attendance was from the retail and service industry.