One Day Workshop on Tendering & Contract Management

(October 2013 – 1 day non residential)

Program Director – Pranay Verma
Venue: Asia Pacific Institute of Management


Workshop on Tendering

• Understanding Bids and Tenders
• Classifications of Tenders
•  Key Responsibility of Tender/ Bid Manager

• Structure of Tender-Systematic Approach
• Risk Management at Tender stage
• Strategic decision – BID or NO BID
• Strategic approach to win Government Tender
• Tender Practices, Process & Way forward to Win the Bid
• Contracts and its Structure
• Negotiation Strategy and Skill
• Key responsibilities of Contract Manager
• Important critical clauses in Tender and Contracts

1. Terms of Price & Price Variation
2. Invoicing and Payment Terms and Payment Instruments
3. Damages and Penalties
4. Limitation of Liabilities
5. Infringement
6. Force majeure
7. Arbitration and Reconciliation Act
8. Material Breach & Termination
9. Securities and Bank Guarantee

• FIDIC, Incoterms- 2010 and Indian Contract Act- An Overview
• Contract Administration Activities
• Managing the Change Order (variation)
• Case Study
• Q & A

The Participants shall have strong exposure on followings at the end of Workshop

• Relationship between Bids and Tenders.
• Effective Tender Management Process and Systems
• The basic structure of Tender and Bid.
• When and How to make Strategic decision for BID or NO BID
• Tender Consultancy – When and Why
• Effective Approach to Win- Government and Private sector Tender
• Making Profit from Government Tenders.
• Factors to be taken care in making valid Bid with High Winning Possibility.
• How to improve Profit and cash flow of a Project
• Selection of Business model for Bidding
• Cross Check of Bid before Submission
• What is contract Management and Administration
• Understanding of FIDIC & Indian Contract Act
• Difference in Incoterms 2010 and Incoterms 2000.
• Important Clauses in Tender and Contract.
• How to manage the Change/ Variation during the Project Implementation
• Risk Identification and Its Mitigation
• Critical clauses to be negotiated
• Learning from mistakes- Through Case Study
• Probable Solution of Participants’ Challenges being faced in Tender and Contract Management