Open MDP Program on “Evolving Managers to Leader for Effective Management of Change

Generally, Leaders & Managers are frequently used interchangeably. However, managerial authority refers to the delegated power by the organization, whereas leadership authority refers to the power derived from the recognition commanded amongst followers or from the competencies to carry out the task. Manager relies on formal position of power to influence people, whereas leadership stems from social influence processes. A person may therefore be a manager, a leader or both. However, the two are by no means synonymous. The workshop also contained modules on leading a team for effective deliveries, a module on business economics on global business perspective was specifically embedded in the program which was highly appreciated by the participants. The training workshop was attended by 23 participants from different organizations like IFFCO, NHPC, Indian Overseas Bank, LIC of India, National Book Trust, Rural Electrification Corporation etc. the program was highly appreciated by the participants and the overall feedback on a 10 point scale was 9.4.

There were 25 participants and the program was rated as 4 on a scale of 5.