Sustained Excellence with organizational effectiveness- (17 Dec 12 – 18 Dec 12)-FOR IOCL, Noida


MDP Programme on “Sustained Excellence for Organizational Effectiveness ” on 17th and 18th December  2012 for IOCL Pipelined Division NOIDA Sector 1 Headquarters

A 2-Days MDP on “ Sustained Excellence for Organizational Effectiveness“ was organized on 17th and 18th December 2012 for IOCL Pipelines Division at the training premises of IOCL Pipelines Division Noida Sector 1 Headquarters. The programme was attended by 15 Functional Managers of IOCL.

The 1st session on Day 1 was taken by Prof. B.D.Singh who gave insights and overview on Change Management and Transformational Leadership.Using an experiential style of personal experiences and exercise, Prof. Singh spoke at length about the need for Change Management to become an Organization of Excellence, and the transformational role today’s leaders should play.

The 2nd Session on Day 1 was conducted by Prof. Vivek Kumar who spoke Organizational Excellence-it’s meaning, dimensions and Organizational Sustainability. Using a pedagogy of Management Games and Live Cases, he made the participants understand the need of Organizational Excellence and it’s essence.

The 1st session on Day 2 was taken by Dr.D.K.Batra alongwith Prof. Rajat Gera. They emphasized on the need for Customer Delight and imbibed amongst the IOCL Participants, the meaning and purpose of Vision and Strategic Direction, from an organizational perspective

The 2nd session on Day 2 was conducted by Dr. S.P.Chauhan. Through Live Cases and Exercises, Dr. Chauhan spoke about the essence of Workplace Productivity, Employeeship, Positive Attitude and enabled the participants to make an action plan for themselves in personal and professional lives, as Key Action Planning from the learnings gained from the programme.

The programme was extremely successful and the overall feedback of the programme was 9.60 on a scale of 10.The course content, in particular as well as the delivery by the faculty was highly appreciated.

The classes were conducted by our faculties Prof. B.D.Singh, Dr.S.P.Chauhan, Prof. Vivek Kumar, Dr.D.K.Batra and Prof. Rajat Gera.

The programme was directed by Prof.B.D.Singh.