Asia-Pacific institute of Management (AIM), New Delhi is organizing a two-day programme on “Team Dynamics and Leadership Styles for Higher Productivity” on 26-27, September, 2013.

One of the fundamental realities of personal and professional life is that people have to work in teams. Managerial as well as Personal effectiveness is largely determined by the ability to work and be successful in teams. With a team behind, one can achieve wonders. Team leaders are required to be multi-taskers if their team is to thrive and succeed. These tasks range from choosing the right people and deciding who does what, to communicating with, developing and motivating people.

The MDP is designed to motivate the participants through learnings gained from sports where team concept is supreme. To deliver the very best from sports, the keynote speaker of the programme is Mr. Madan Lal, former Indian Test and ODI Cricketer.

This is certainly not a run-the-mill type of training programme but different in terms of-Contents such as, Significance of team working  and leadership, Dynamics of team building, Team Goal Setting, Aligning team goals with individual goals, Leadership styles and decision making, Leadership competencies for performance enhancement.

The methodology will be highly interactive and will involve a mix of lecture, team building exercises, role plays, videos, case analysis and expert talks.

Moreover, the MDP is an attempt to inculcate amongst the participants the inevitability of a well-knit team spirit, to experience and understand their potential capacity to become better team players as well as team leaders for achieving the targeted objectives which are ultimately translated into sustainability and profitability of the organization.